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New Parent, Student, Teacher Portal LIVE!


(Online Grades, Attendance, Homework, Assignments, & more) - LIVE for the 2012-13 School Year!


Aeries Parent Portal


*** For Information please call your site Secretaries.

MEHS Parent Portal

Parents please visit our district website www.meusd.k12.ca.us and click the Parent Portal link.  You will then register your email address, and Aeries will send you a confirmation email.  Parent will need to click the verificiation link to activate the account.  Please then log in and enter the student information (all verifcation codes need to be picked up by parent only at the high school front office and will only be given to parents that show ID).  This will link the parent and student.  From inside the Parent Portal once logged in, the parent can add their other children.  The portal allows parents to view Attendance, Grades, Tests, Contact Info, Assignments, and more!

NEW MEHS Football Website!


In an attempt to create a unified space for all information that is MEHS Football the NEW MEHS 2013 Football Site was created!

Check it out HERE!

Check our Redhawk Football players on KUSI

Prep Pigskin Report of KUSI


Blood Drive

Blood Drive

2013 Summer Cheer Camp

2013 Summer Cheer Camp

MEHS JV Softball 2013

MEHS Softball 2013
Today: 4/19/14

2013-14 Bell Schedule


Regular Schedule

Period 1    8:45 – 9:45

Period 2    9:48 – 10:47

Break      10:47 – 10:57

Period 3   11:00 – 11:59

Period 4   12:02 – 1:01

Lunch        1:01 – 1:31

Period 5     1:34 – 2:33

Period 6     2:37 – 3:35

Minimum Day Schedule

Period 1    8:45 – 9:23

Period 2    9:26 – 10:04

Period 3  10:07 – 10:45

Break       10:45 – 10:53

Period 4   10:56 – 11:33

Period 5   11:36 – 12:13

Lunch       12:13 – 12:43

Period 6   12:46 –   1:23

Interested in Booster Club??

Parent volunteers are always

needed please email


for more information.


MEHS ASP Program
GOT 30 is the ASSETS new logo/tag line! GOT 30 minutes to do tutoring? GOT 30 minutes to get your grade up? GOT 30 minutes to get yourself eligible for sports?
One of the primary functions of the ASP is to help students increase their grades and test scores. We currently have great tutors in place to help all our students in any subject matter. The ASP wants the reputation of being a fun place to hang out but we also want the students to know that we care about them and their success in high school. The ASP staff is "strongly encouraging" kids to stay afterschool and just give us 30 minutes. We'll help you get the work done, help you study for a test or get the makeup work complete (we are even giving them snacks to munch on while they are doing homework!). Then there is still time to hang out with friends, participate in sports or play on the computers. 30 minutes is not too much to ask and maybe they will get into a good daily habit with us afterschool. And, as we are starting to see, if we get them to sit down for 30 minutes, they stop looking at the clock and end up staying longer, finishing all their work.



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What is Peachjar?

Peachjar is an innovative way to help school districts save money, time, and paper by taking staff and teachers out of the flyer delivery business. We post school flyers online and deliver them straight to parents' computers and smartphones. Peachjar works with outside organizations that send home district-approved flyers, so schools don't have to.